Benefits of tick tock for business

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TikTok for business is a relevant and great way to promote services and products. Working with TikTok is specific because videos are only one way of presenting content on a social network. Not all entrepreneurs take into account TikTok’s capabilities when forming an advertising strategy and miss out on a large portion of the audience. Engaging with your audience through publishing the right content helps to increase your customer base and increase the number of followers on the rest of the social network.

What are the specifics of the TikTok audience

In 2019, the audience of the social network increased the mark of 1 billion people. In the Russian Federation, the number of users is growing very quickly: in 2019 it did not exceed 8 million, and by the beginning of 2020 it had already become more than 18 million. Teenagers and children make up more than 40% of the audience. Users between the ages of 18 and 34 make up 33% of the entire audience. If you want to promote your business on this social network, go to this link

The most solvent segment is considered age 25-34 years, it amounts only 21%. If your audience does not include people younger than that, then the promotion of Tic Tok will not give a big hit. But the account is capable of working as an additional advertising channel: try to adjust to the peculiarities of the social network and monitor the results.

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Why businesses need TikTok

Like other social networks, businesses use TikTok to promote products and make money. From the platform, you can get referrals to communities on other social networks to add to your base of subscribers and possible customers. TikTok also offers advertising integrations and collaborations with brands.

Benefits of tick tock for business

What kind of business is suitable for.

In theory, any business can run a Tic Tok account; it will all depend on creativity. If your advertising message can be broadcast in the format of a trending short video, in other words the chance to achieve popularity in the social network. Disregarding this, there are niches for which the promotion of business in Tik Tok will be the most effective:

  • Catering. Cooking procedure — interesting and dynamic content. People like easy videos without a huge amount of information.
  • Clothing Stores. Tik Tok audience is interested in trendy things and images, also clothes are great to show in video format.
  • Care products and cosmetics. Young people like to experiment with style, so videos with makeup creation and cosmetics testing get a lot of views.
  • Infrastructure. Psychologists, designers and other specialists can advertise their own services in the social network, which will be interesting and useful to the mass audience.
  • It is more promising to move to Tik Tok for those companies and entrepreneurs who sell goods online, not only offline.

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